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A Pocket PC is a genuine computer but in a small size characteristically in the range of about five inches high, three inches wide, and three-quarters of an inch deep. So, yes, a Pocket PC actually does fit into a pocket thus the name. As of now it runs mostly on Windows platform and has most of the abilities that can be performed on your desktop. You can use it with many add on features like GPS, barcode reader and yes a camera.

Its compact size and influential features and tasks let you keep your most significant business and personal information up-to-date and close at hand. You can create a schedule, set a reminder, confirm an appointment and make a list of up to date information through active sync. Using Microsoft ActiveSync, you can match the information on your desktop computer with the info on your Pocket PC.

Synchronization matches the data on your Pocket PC with your desktop computer and updates both workstations with the most recent information. You also get an option of Mail and Internet so that you can get acquainted with day to day activities.

We have the best collection of pocket PC brands ranging from high end to low end brands. Some of the notable ones are Acer, Asus, Binatone, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Motorola, Toshiba and many more to inculcate in the list.